Harvest: Late April
Area: Semi-mountains of Movri in the prefecture of Achaia

Spring honey

The bee, following its primitive instinct, seeks daily sources of honey production. So, from mid-April to mid-May (and of course if the weather conditions allow) we gladly welcome the first harvest of the year collecting the honey of Spring from the semi-mountainous region of Movri in the prefecture of Achaia. The main flowers of nectar collection at this time are white heather, cyst (oil or kunoukla), wild clover, wild radish, wild biber, centaur, chicory (bitter radish), hermeneutics (broom or horsetail) and very similar to that of spruce).

An aroma of a bouquet of wild flowers and herbs emerges, confirming its origin, while its taste is woody, intense with traces of licorice, cocoa and caramel, slightly acidic with a sense of coolness.

When in its composition the honey of the aria occupies a significant percentage, then the phenomenon of crystallization appears after 6 or 7 months (maybe more) from the harvest.

It is a product of high nutritional value due mainly to minerals, proteins, amino acids, enzymes and B vitamins. It also has a very high protein content compared to other varieties of honey.

A 2012 study found that honey from the heather plant had the highest phenol content. Also, the high number of antioxidants in heather honey helps to remove free radicals. Extermination of these free radicals prevents aging and improves overall health.

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