Harvest: Late May until the first fortnight of June
Location: Mountains of Panachaikos, Chelmos, Mainalos

Fir Honey

Almost from the beginning of May, we transfer parts of our apiary to the spruce forests of Mount Panachaikos, Mainalos and Helmos. In these pristine and untouched by modern culture, wooded areas, spruce honey is produced. It belongs to the category of honeydew honeys and comes from the secretions of granules and aphids that infest the firs.

Fir honey stands out for its characteristic appearance and its color varies depending on its region of origin with its shades being usually black, red and pearl. It is distinguished for its particularly soft and full taste and for those who want a honey that is not too sweet, while it does not present a strong aroma. It is also very viscous and due to the low percentage of sugars it does not crystallize.

Fir honey thanks to its beneficial properties and valuable nutrients is today a superfood with multidimensional benefits for the body, the immune system, the skin and our general health. In particular, it helps fight inflammation, infections and has antibacterial action thanks to its antioxidants. It helps the motility of the intestine in combination with lukewarm water and lemon and cleanses the toxins, while the choline it contains fights constipation. Fights sore throat especially when consumed with hot water and lemon or with any hot drink. Helps with insomnia, if combined with chamomile or warm milk. Improves endurance, reduces muscle fatigue and increases exercise efficiency, due to the immediate intake of carbohydrates it provides. Its beneficial properties and great nutritional value are largely due to its rich in trace elements and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, sodium and potassium. Fir honey is recommended for all ages and can be consumed by people who are predisposed to diabetes or have limited and early stage diabetes. Highly recommended for athletes and children.

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