A few words about bee4u

Since ancient times, the bee has never ceased to fascinate man. The organization of a bee colony is impressive. Each bee depends on the other individuals, in a system where complex communication mechanisms regulate the distribution of tasks and ensure social cohesion.

So somewhere in 2008 George and Dimitris, fascinated and with an unbridled desire to explore this surreal universe (with infinite dimensions and resources), we met following our mutual friend and "teacher" Costa Velio. At this point we would like to thank him warmly for the knowledge he offered us in a friendly and selfless way, conveying to us the respect and love for the bee and its society.

In the past years, setting common goals, our cooperation was good and strong friendly ties quickly developed. As beekeepers we experienced several difficult moments, which we learned a lot from, but also beautiful moments that we enjoyed.

By applying good beekeeping practices, we develop bees that are healthy and strong in population, in order to ensure the natural life cycle of the bee colonies, giving high quality to their products.

Practicing nomadic beekeeping, we move our bee colonies only in areas with wild flora and untouched by modern culture, as a result of which we enjoy harvests with extremely high quality products, limited production, depending of course on the yield of flowers and honey bees affected by or not weather conditions.

Following the same path with the goal of evolution and progress, we have created a brand that perfectly reflects our philosophy, to take care of the bee with love and respect and to offer you generously all the treasures of the hive, BEE4U. BEE4U.